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  • 4 post car lift AAE-FP140 AAE-FP150

    4 post car lift AAE-FP140 AAE-FP150

    Four post alignment lift (AAE-FP140, AAE-FP150)Description: 1.  Suitable used in the car 4S shop and the repair and maintain service workshop as vehicles lifting, may also cooperating used with wheel alignment;2.  4000kg/5000kg lifting...

  • 4 post car lift AAE-FP36

    1 Perfect for packing storage or service.2 Equipped with removable casters for system.3 Reliable electric/hydraulic power system.4 Driven by cylinders,air-lock,safety release.5 Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway.  

  • 4 post high access car lift AAE-FP235

    High access 4 post lift, widely used in the warehouse, car repair shop. It's the ideal choice to lift the car or goods from 1st floor to 2nd or... floor.                        ...